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    Saving time

    The major benefit of private plane chartering is saving time. Once in the air, your chartered aircraft will fly at the same speed as a scheduled service but for time-saving on the ground, there is no comparison. You can arrive at the airport, and transfer seamlessly with immediate take-off and use the time in the air to maximum effect as you wish.
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    Flight Schedules and Delays

    Private plane hire means you leave the stress and strain of airport delays behind you. Should your international flight
    be delayed (i.e. due to adverse weather, air traffic restriction, or other), we will adapt* the schedule of your private flight accordingly (*sufficient advance notice required and depending on airplane availabilities). This flexibility means minimal disruption to your onward journey and peace of mind for your party.
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    Personalized Meet & Greet

    Where available a charter airline representative will personally meet you upon arrival (with your personal details displayed). Depending on specific airport regulations, your agent will be waiting for you in various possible locations: this could be at the gate of your inbound flight, in the transit area or in the arrival hall.
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    Expedited in-Transit Service

    At some airports charter airlines offer in-transit service between your international flight and your private flight. This means that an agent will escort your party through a fast-track immigration and security check area. This convenient VIP service will allow you to “jump the queues” and get instant access to your next flight.
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    Airport Desk

    Upon reservation of your flight you will be provided with clear step by step instructions for the arrival. In most airports the charter airline will have a desk at your disposal for check-in and assistance. Local office and mobile phone numbers will also be available on your “charter voucher document”. This could be useful for last-minute changes or in case of delays. Alternatively our 24/7 toll free numbers(USA & UK) can be dialed internationally for immediate assistance.
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    Baggage Transfer

    In most airports (except where special custom regulations exist), the charter airline representatives will collect your luggage from the carousel and transfer them directly to your aircraft. This is particularly convenient for heavy suitcases. Additionally, there is no restriction to carry-on bags (depending on number of passengers, total weight carried and aircraft performance).
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    Individual Needs

    We can accommodate most of your individual needs. That is actually one of the numerous benefits of traveling by private charter! This includes (but is not limited to): wheelchair assistance or other specific medical conditions, traveling with pets, carrying heavy baggage or large-size equipment such as golf clubs, scuba diving gear, surf or windsurf boards.
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    Airport VIP Lounges

    Available at some airports (St Maarten, San Juan, Antigua...), you might want to relax between flights. Usually for the cost of a small fee, you can add the option to wait comfortably in one of the VIP lounges. Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, newspapers and international television channels, food and drinks are the usual services provided. Please inquire upon reservation.
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    Easy access

    Upon exiting the terminal and where applicable, a mini-van will comfortably drive your party to your private plane. You will then be able to meet the pilot in person who will be waiting for you.
VIP Services

VIP Concierge Team

Caribbean Charter Flights offers the following VIP airport transfer services at selected hubs:

  • Personalized Meet & Greet
  • Seamless transfer services between flights
  • Escort through airport terminal with dedicated VIP Service agent
  • Expeditious Immigration & Customs formalities
  • Baggage reclaim & transfer to your next flight

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