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5 Fun Things To Do In Nevis Vacation

Planning a Nevis Vacation?

Nevis is situated in the heart of the Caribbean is a charming little island called Nevis. The island boasts much more than pristine beaches, although the beaches there are quite spectacular. The overwhelming charm of Nevis has so many dimensions it will prove to be not just interesting, but totally captivating, especially for first-time visitors.

Here are a few ideas for filling your days in Nevis Vacation:

1. Take a Nevis Island Tour

Better still, customize the experience! You can actually hire a taxi or car service that will give you a full island tour at a flat rate. The drivers are all locals overflowing with pride in the paradise they call home. Ask about some of the must-see sites and they will make sure you get there.

If you prefer a maritime touring experience, rent a kayak or take a kayak tour. Expert guides are available to guide paddlers of all ages and skill levels. They can even let you know where the best diving spots are along the way.

Nevis Island Tour : 5 Fun Things You Have To Do In Nevis Vacation

2. Take in the Local Culture

Nevis has a law that states that no building on the island can exceed the height of the surrounding palm trees. No, we aren’t kidding. Take a stroll through Charlestown, the capital of Nevis and enjoy some of the local cuisine along with the many quaint shops you will discover along the way. The perfect souvenir is waiting for you!

On Saturdays, plan to visit Nevis’ local market and stop at Vic’s Bar for a fruity island cocktail and a round of dominoes with one of the locals. For a unique souvenir or gift idea, the Newcastle Pottery Center offers artisan pottery pieces fired in coconut husks.

Nevis Culture : 5 Fun Things You Have To Do In Nevis Vacation

3. Explore Nevis’ Rich History

See the childhood home of Alexander Hamilton and explore the ruins of an abandoned 19th-Century sugar cane mill. At one time, Nevis was a hub of industry in the sugar cane business. You can even learn more about both when you pay a visit to the Nevis History Museum, located in Charlestown. Round out your historical tour of the island with a visit to the Montpelier Estate and take afternoon tea on the spot where Horatio Nelson got married back in 1787.

Nevis History Museum Charlestown  : 5 Fun Things You Have To Do In Nevis Vacation

4. Have an Undersea Adventure

Nevis boasts nearly 40 dive sites where divers can explore some magnificent caverns and reefs, and encounter an array of friendly ocean-dwelling creatures up close. The sea turtles will fast become your favourites.

Nevis Diving   : 5 Fun Things You Have To Do In Nevis Vacation

5. Meet Rare Monkeys

Nevis is home to a curious species of monkey called the vervet. These island natives have black faces and silver bodies and are very social. They even have their own distinct language! They add a whole new dimension to the experience of the island and your Nevis Vacation, and are the subject of several guided tours.

Rare Nevis Monkeys    : 5 Fun Things You Have To Do In Nevis Vacation

Getting Nevis & Plan your Nevis Vacation

There is no better or easier way to experience the charm of Nevis than by booking a Nevis charter flight with us. We offer affordable rates and will work with you to ensure that getting there will be an as easy and laid-back experience as the island itself.

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Should you have any further questions on your way to the perfect Nevis holiday, please do contact us and we will gladly (and promptly) respond to any of your queries – be they related to charter flights or Nevis Vacation itself.

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