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High Performance Boat Racing: The RORC Caribbean 600

In a majestic display this past Monday, more than 60 yachts – originating from 14 nations – began their seafaring race around 11 beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The seventh annual Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) Caribbean 600 had a magnificent start in the famed warm trade winds and bright sunshine of the region.

Race History

In 2009, the RORC Caribbean 600 enjoyed its inaugural year, and it attracted attention across the globe with the hair-raising race taking yachts through a serpentine course that zig-zags around some of the world’s most stunning islands.

RORC 600 Racing Yacht 2015

Race Course

The race begins and ends in Fort Charlotte, Antigua, and takes the fleet toward Barbuda, then on around the islands of Nevis, Saba and St. Barths. It then circles St. Martin and speeds down to Guadeloupe, racing back up to touch off of Barbuda before dashing back to the finish.

Azure waters, warm trade winds, and the company of dolphins, sea turtles and whales accompany the competitors throughout the race by day, and at night they sail under a blanket of stars.

Pre-Race Highlights

Here is a video of the fantastic pre-race highlights and interviews with the competitors.

Those lucky enough to be spectators had the advantage of watching a magnificent fleet of yachts including schooners, classics and high-performance record-breaking racers. Globally sophisticated sailors compete with the cream of the crop of the yacht racing world. It is a rare sight, watching them all together, gunning for the win – all sharing the same high passion for the sport.

Competitor Highlights

  • CSA, Multihull and Class40
    At the start of the race, nine boats got going at the outer distance mark. Gonzalo Botin’s Spanish Class40, Tales II, navigated by Nacho Postigo started the action, followed closely by Spirit of Adventure, Derek Hatfield’s Canadian Volvo 60.

  • IRC Two & Three
    Following up behind Botin and Hatfield came 18 more yachts – setting off with an extremely tight struggle for the line. Lt Col Paul Macro’s Royal Armoured Corps Yacht Club, on Southern Child, and Bernie Evan Wong’s Trustmarque Quokka 8 had some tense moments, and Quokka had to return to the line.

  • IRC One
    David Southwell’s Morris 486, Kismet, with perfect timing, led the way, followed by Colin Buffin’s Swan 62, Uxorious IV, Tonnerre de Breskens III, and Piet Vroon’s Ker 46.

  • IRC Zero & IRC Canting Keel
    The stunning Mini Maxis sprang into action next, with Shockwave on the heels of Bella Mente. Both, along with George David’s RP90, Rambler, lined up at top speed with Johnny Vincent’s TP52, Pace, and Botin ITC 65, Caro.

  • Superyachts
    It was only fitting that the concluding round featured the breathtaking, massive schooners racing toward the start at maximum speeds – barely a boat length apart. The 200 ton, 182-foot Adela and the 203-foot, 300 ton Athos battled for the start, with Adela taking the lead.

RORC 600 Sails 2015

A Magnificent Sight

There is nothing quite like a classic yachting race – especially one that takes place in the heart of the stunning Caribbean. It has all the elements of a grand adventurous journey: excitement, fierce competition, nail-biting dramatic twists and turns – all taking place against the backdrop of paradise.

For the results of the race, visit the official website of the RORC Caribbean 600.

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