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Can’t decide on your next holiday destination? Schedule a flight to Andros in the Bahamas with Caribbean Charter Flights, and you are guaranteed to have one of the most amazingly safe and speedy flights to the Andros Town International Airport (ASD).

Why Andros, you ask. Why not? This mesmerizing island – which is the Bahamas’ biggest and the Caribbean’s fifth largest island – features not just spans of deserted beaches but also freshwater lakes that are home to a rich assortment of marine life. Andros boasts of the Tongue of the Ocean, an abyss that teems with marine creatures; of the third largest fringing barrier reef, where you can dive and experience swimming amidst various coral species; and of blue holes that are host toextraordinary cavefish and unusual sea creatures and are famed to house the Lusca, a mythical sea monster.

If diving isn’t your thing, you can also go bone fishing in the numerous wetlands of Andros or relax on the beach to experience the local laid-back culture of the place. You can also take your fill of Bahamian nature through the Andros Park System, the largest national park system in the islands. This protected area is composed of five national parks: Blue Holes National Park, Crab Replenishment Reserve, North & South Marine Parks and the West Side National Park.This island offers many activities for the nature lover like Eco trekking, bird watching, fishing, kayaking, biking and snorkeling.No matter what kind of activity you choose to have, you are guaranteed a wonderful time.

But why wait to get to Andros to start your holiday, when you can begin it the moment you set foot on your charter plane? With Caribbean Charter Flights, you can do just that – and more. By taking an air charter flight to Andros with us, you can start relaxing even before you get to your destination. We offer different amenities you can choose from, in order to make your charter jet experience one for the books. When you book a charter flight to Andros with us, you do not just save yourself from the stress of planning connecting flights and making your schedule fit with that of the airlines; you also get to enjoy the luxury of flying with a friendly flight crew that looks after your comfort and satisfaction. When you fly on our private jet charter, you are also guaranteed less time wasted on long airport queues and security checks, so you can focus on matters that are more important, like enjoying your vacation without the stress.

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PRIVATE JET AIRPORTS in Charter Flights to Andros

Andros Town International Airport (ASD)

Also referred to as the Fresh Creek Airport, the Andros Town International Airport is among the three commercial airports on the island of Andros. With one designated runway, the airport serves as a landing location for tourists visiting Andros Island for some holiday fun. Like other airports in the Bahamas, the Fresh Creek Airport also has gift shops, restaurants and a check-in and customs section.


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