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If being off to a sleepy yet charming and bustling town is your idea of a great holiday, then Bequia (pronounced beck-way) is the ideal destination for you. This hilly stretch of land alongside severalbeaches with golden sand delights and fascinates with its numerous features.

What could be a better way of getting to Bequia than through a private charter jet from Caribbean Charter Flights? We offer the best flying experience, from the moment you set foot on the plane, down to your safe, secure and speedy arrival at the J.F. Mitchell Airport (BQU) in Bequia.

Why Choose Caribbean Charter Flights?

It is only natural to want the best Bequia air charter experience, which is what Caribbean Charter Flights are here for. Known for our dependable and strong reputation as the provider of superior charter flights to and from the Caribbean, we at Caribbean Charter Flights do our best to provide each and every passenger the following:

• Less stress and more fun.Bequia can be reached through transatlantic and inter-island flights, the island being more secluded than the average vacationer could hope for. But this does not mean you need to stress yourself out to get to Bequia. With Caribbean Charter Flights, you need not worryabout scheduling and (unfortunately for some) missing flights because we fly on your schedule, not anyone else’s. It’s your holiday,after all.

• Less fuss and more comfort.We are proud to say that our staff and crew are made up of experts trained to give you the best time before, during and after your flight. We aim to smooth out any kinks and issues you may encounter during your flight and make sure that we customize the service we provide according to your needs and preferences.

• Less expense and more luxury. We understand how the daily grind can wear you down, and so we aim to provide the luxury, comfort and satisfaction a wonderful vacation brings. Signing up for our Bequiajet charter guarantees you an amazingly relaxing trip fit for a king, and this means you get none of the hassle always associated with security and baggage checks when flying with commercial airlines.

Let us take you on a perfect getaway to Bequia,a Caribbean island that features spectacular views, verdant meadows, rich woods and breathtaking beaches. Fill out the form with your flight details and get your free quote today!

PRIVATE JET AIRPORTS in Charter Flights Bequia

J.F. Mitchell Airport (BQU)

Located ten miles away from the E.T. Joshua International Airport on the island of St. Vincent, the J.F. Mitchell Mitchell Airport is a small regional airfield that serves as a gateway for private charter planes seeking to enter the piece of paradise otherwise known as Bequia. The airport started operating in 1992, servicing scheduled flights to and from nearby islands and private charters. As with international airports, incoming guests to Bequia are required to submit a completed immigration form, which we will provide you with. From the airport you could take a taxi that will bring you to your hotel.


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