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Do you need to get away from it all and gosomewhere where it’s quiet, peaceful and serene? Let Caribbean Charter Flights take you to Carriacou,an islet off the coast of Grenada. Carriacou is an idyllic place with no fancy boutiques and shops, no nightclubs or casinos. It’s the place to go to when you absolutely want to disconnect from the world and relax and recollect yourself. It’s a place where you can dive, snorkel, sail and swim all your concerns away.

But you do not have to wait to get to Carriacou to start relaxing. When you sign up for our charter flights, you get to start your holiday the moment you board one of our spacious and luxurious jet charters. You do not have to worry about anything – schedules, luggage and security checks, immigration and what have you – because our ever-dependable crew that is made up of trained experts and responsive professionals will do all these for you and more. We will be at our beck and call during the flight, with amenities and features you yourself have chosen. No commercial flight would give you this kind of experience, which is the best prelude for a relaxing getaway.

At Carriacou, you can take your pick from the different beaches that all feature clear and calm turquoise waters. There’s Hillsborough Beach, which coversthe entire side of the islet,and beaches located smack in the middle of town like the Anse La Roche, Paradise Beach, Tom’s Bay and Sandy Island.

You can also take nature walks around the place, preferably up and down the Anse La Roche, up to the hospital in Belair, through the national park or to Windward, which is where you go to if you want to head to Petit Martinique, a seafaring island just 2.5 miles away from Carriacou.

Alternatively, you can go scuba diving in the island’s three diving sites, one of which is the Magic Garden where you can see not only different kinds of fish from the rich assortment of reefs, but also a small tugboat wreck and a rock garden where you can experience champagne bubbles caused by volcanic activity underneath. You may also want to experience drift snorkeling at the White and Saline Isalnds, where you can just float face down in the water and let the water carry you over to the reef. You can also opt to take sailing trips to Tobago Cays or to Palm Island.

If the thought of going through all these activities overwhelms you, then just sit back, relax and bask in the natural beauty of the place. Who says you need to do anything in Carriacou?

PRIVATE JET AIRPORTS in Charter Flights Carriacou

Lauriston Airport (CRU)

Also known as the Carriacou Island Airport, the Lauriston Airport can be found on the west part of Hillsborough, a major town on the island. Although rather small, this airstrip has the capability to handle flights from small airlines and private charter flights, thanks to its 2,625 ft. x 59 ft. runway.


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