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If you like wildlife and the Everglades, lovely boat cruises and the sun, you would do well to go on a holiday in Fort Lauderdale. This sunny piece of paradise in the southern part of Florida provides vacationers a lot of fun activities to indulge in, such as:

• Sightseeing Cruises.Go on a cruise around Biscayne Bay and be wowed by the celebrity homes you pass by in the Venetian Islands, the different landmarks along the way and the iconic skyline of downtown Miami.

• Recreation Parks.See varied wilderness inhabitants like crocodiles, alligators, tigers, panthers, migratory birds, birds of prey and more during and after an airboat ride through the Everglades.

• Fishing Adventures.Have your fill of trivia about the Florida Everglades as your expert boatman and guide leads you to a location where a bountiful number of largemouth bass can be found.

• Air Tours. If you want to see the sights but being in the water gives you the heebiejeebies, you can instead take a flightseeing tour and see Miami and the various landmarks that make it the scenic city it is.

• Barhopping. Sample the kind of nightlife the hottest spots in Miami are wellknown for. Have a great time partying in some of the best clubs and bars in Miami, each with its own specific type of crowd and music.

• Water Activities. No visit to Fort Lauderdale is complete without at least one water adventure. Take your pick from among the many activities the place offers, from swimming to scuba diving to interacting with dolphins and more.

Looking to make your holiday to Fort Lauderdaleeven more amazing? Call on Caribbean Charter Flights to take you there. We do not just make sure that you arrive safe and sound at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE); we also make sure that your whole flying experience is pleasurable and hassle-free. Our professional and friendly crew will be at your beck and call to make sure that your vacation starts the moment you board our jet charter. As such, we promise to take care of everything else – from your baggage to security and airport checks –so you would be well-rested and relaxed enough to immediately start your holiday fun.

PRIVATE JET AIRPORTS in Charter Flight to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE)

Owned and operated by the City of Fort Lauderdale, this airstrip – which is located in the center of the Uptown Business District–serves as a reliever airport for the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL) and as a general airport for all kinds of planes, including private jet charters. Open 24/7, the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is considered as one of the busiest aviationairports in the United States, with 165,000 operations and more than 200,000 visitors every year. Aside from serving as a gateway into the city, FXE also features an air traffic control tower, aircraft rescue and firefighting facilities, a police substation, 24-hour airport security and fixed-base operators that offer aviation services like fueling and maintenance to visiting aircraft and location-based planes.

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