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Nevis: The Paradise of Breathtaking Beauty in Nevis Paradise

Colonised in the 1700s, Nevis Paradise was once home to a booming sugar cane enterprise. Settlers made their fortune there and built magnificent mansions where the upper crust would meet and revel in shameless largesse. Today, it is one of the world’s most unique vacation destinations and is home to some of the most picturesque beaches and interesting sites anywhere in the Caribbean.

Nevis: The Paradise of Breathtaking Beauty

The Beaches of Nevis Paradise

Nevis is home to several amazing beaches and use of them is either free or very inexpensive, depending on the location and activity. There are three main beaches. Each one has plenty of shoreline and is special in its own way.

Oualie Beach is festooned with a number of comfortable chairs and hammocks, all of which are free to use by paying customers of their typically-Caribbean beach bar. Snorkelling off Oualie is spectacular, and you can rent equipment onsite for other water sports as well, depending on your taste. The island’s name sounds just like “Wally” when pronounced – and you are sure to impress the locals if you pronounce it correctly straight away!

Pinney’s Beach is located on the west edge of Nevis, just north of the capital, Charlestown. Its sands have an inviting saffron colour and the shoreline seems endless at a first glance. Don’t be surprised if it looks familiar; Pinney’s has been the subject of many a travel publication photo and travellers agree that it looks every bit as inviting when you are standing on its shores as it does in the brochures. This beach is public and free to use and there are even a few affordable dining options for when you need a bite.

Lover’s Lane Beach is a smaller, undeveloped corner of Nevis that is often completely deserted. It provides a place for hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet, as well as the perfect backdrop for a spectacular sunset.

Nevis: The Paradise of Breathtaking Beauty

Botanical Gardens of Nevis Paradise

One of the many exquisite attractions of Nevis is its Botanical Gardens: approximately eight acres, situated high in the Montpelier Estates. Its views are spectacular and stretch all the way down to the shore. The gardens have many sections of beautiful, fully-mature flowers and plants along with a number of fountains and sculptures, mostly depicting monkeys, birds, and other island wildlife.

Nevis Paradise of Breathtaking Beauty

Nevis Peak

In ancient times, a great volcano created the modern-day island of Nevis. The oft cloud-covered peak of this volcanic mountain is over 3,000 feet high. The steepest portions are made up of unspoiled rainforest (cloud forest at higher altitudes). The peak get considerable rainfall which feeds the many freshwater springs and wells throughout the island.

Nevis peak is a favourite amongst hikers and climbers and offers particular challenges for each. The trail splits into some harrowing vertical sections and can become particularly slippery when wet (which happens to be the case quite often). For those looking for a lower-impact stroll, the peak also has a number of easier (yet scenic) routes.

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Getting to Nevis

Getting to Nevis is easy via our charter flights onto the island. Do check out our regular Nevis charter flights, and please contact us should you have any questions on your way to the perfect Caribbean holiday. We would love to hear from you, and will always respond promptly to any queries you may have!

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