Flights to St. Barths

In this article you’ll learn all you need to know about flights to St. Barths ahead of your vacation.

You’ve made your decision. You want to go on an exotic Caribbean vacation, and your island of choice has to be popular but not too crowded, fun but still relaxing, luxurious and yet affordable. After some research, you’ve found beautiful St. Barths to be the ideal vacation spot for you.

But how do you get to your holiday destination?

St. Barths is one of the smaller Caribbean jewels, and its size makes it hard for it to host a big commercial airport – which means the easiest, most comfortable and most affordable way to get there is by charter flight from a bigger nearby island.

Flights to St. Barths

St. Barths Charter Flights

We’re a proud provider of St. Barths charter flights, mainly from (but not limited to) the nearby islands of St. Martin, Antigua, San Juan, and St. Thomas. For the full list of islands where you can fly to St. Barths from, please check out this page.

Most likely, your commercial flight will land on St. Martin. Flights on the Juliana Airport of St. Martin are operated daily by the most important airlines in both Europe and the US.

Direct flights from Europe to St. Martin are operated by Air France, Alitalia and KLM.

Direct flights from the US to St. Martin are operated by USAir, Delta, Continental, American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue. From South America, direct St. Martin flights are operated by Copa Airlines and Gol Airlines.

Flights From St. Martin to St. Barths

Flights From St. Martin to St. Barths

Once your commercial flight lands on St. Martin, a charter flight from St. Martin to St. Barths is the easiest, quickest and most fun way to get to your final destination. Our team of travel experts will welcome and accompany you on board one of our St. Barths charter flights.

As soon as you step on our aircraft, your vacation begins. On top of personalized flight services that are made to fit your schedule and save you valuable holiday time, you’ll be able to enjoy catering and even pop a bottle of champagne mid-air if so desired.

Besides, what better way to start your vacation than getting to see exotic St. Barths from above?

St. Barths From Above

St. Barths Flight Information

The average duration of our charter flights from St. Martin to St. Barths is 11 minutes (in air), and the distance between the islands is 20 miles (32 kilometres). Prices start at €113 per person when you fly in one of our Caravan aircraft, and will vary depending on your flight’s specific needs.

A charter flight from San Juan (Puerto Rico) to St. Barths takes an average of 55 minutes, with a distance of 210 miles (338 kilometres).

We recommend you get a quick personalized quote today, either by inputting your flight or by leaving us your contact details so we can call you back whenever best. This is a prompt way to calculate the exact price of the trip depending on your specific needs.

Flights to St. Barths: Information

Flying to St. Barths

St. Barths is a beautiful Caribbean island, and we’d like to congratulate you on your choice to spend your next exotic vacation here.

Popular for celebrity spotting and luxurious duty-free shopping (along with its white-sand beaches and turquoise-blue waters), St. Barths is one of our favourite Caribbean getaway destinations.

With secluded beaches for peace and relaxation (notably the Anse de Laurient beach) and breath-taking Caribbean sunsets, the small island is a lovers’ paradise and one of our top romantic destinations.

But there is plenty of fun here too!

With popular Caribbean hiking trails, perfect waters for Caribbean sports, plentiful exotic fish for recreational fishing (but diving and snorkeling too), and Caribbean-themed bars for night time, there are plenty of activities here to keep you entertained for a full season.

Looking to find out more about the island?

Being one of our featured Caribbean destinations, we write extensively about St. Barths on our blog. You can read more about the island there (for a preview before your vacation), or you can click the links above for more information on only those topics you’re most interested in.

St. Barths Vacation

St. Barths Flight Reviews

We always do our best to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our charter flight services – and the plentiful 5-star reviews that previous tourists send reflect this.

Flights to St. Barths: Testimonials

You can find these reviews in full, along with the complete list of testimonials from previous clients, on our testimonials page. We’re looking forward to adding your own to the page soon!

Booking Flights to St. Barths

We’d be most glad to have you on board one of our charter flights to St. Barths! For more specific information on your individual flight, please click here to get a quick quote – or contact us with any questions about your vacation for a prompt response from our Caribbean travel experts.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board one of our charter flights to St. Barths soon!


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