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Private Flights to Vieques

Planning on a holiday to Vieques in Puerto Rico but do not have the heart to leave your furry family members behind? Get a charter flight to Vieques! We know that getting to Vieques with your pet can be very difficult, if not downright impossible. This is why we at Caribbean Charter Flights offer charter flights to Vieques, Now you can finally take that vacation without feeling guilty over leaving your pets behind.

With our private jet charters, you and your family are assured of a great flying time without the hassles of going through a commercial airline. Plus, our charter flights to Vieques allow you to set your own travel time – you fly on your own schedule, so you do not have to go by the airline’s timetable. Aside from tailored times of departure, you will experience peace of mind that you cannot get from going through long security queues, flight delays, or even baggage limitations. Once you get to the aircraft and have loaded tour bags, you do not have to go through long airport lines -you’re ready to go. The same is true upon touching down at Vieques; no need to wade through all the passengers in the airport. You can get whisked away to your hotel or beach resort immediately.

Getting to Vieques has never been easier, especially with our well-maintained planes and our courteous and expert pilots who are not only professional but are very committed in giving you a good time during your charter flight. We also have the best staff, offering exceptional customer service by providing you all the information you need about our Vieques charter flights.

San Juan International Airport (SJU)

SJU, also known as Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, is located in Isla Verde, Carolina. SJU is the major airport in Puerto Rico and the largest in the whole of the Caribbean. This airport serves as a hub that welcomes tourists and visitors from more than 50 countries around the planet. It also offers various connecting flights to countries in Latin America and to the various islands in the Caribbean.

Vieques Airport (VQS)

This small commercial airport is also known as Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport. Owned by the Puerto Rico Port Authority, Vieques Airport serves as a central location for small airlines in the area. These airlines have flights that fly in and out Puerto Rico through airports like the Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport (RVR) in Ceiba, the Isla Grande Airport (SIG) in San Juan and the SJU.

After your holiday, getting on a charter flight from Vieques is just as easy and hassle-free. You even have the option of booking a round trip flight. Not sure about your schedule? There’s no need to worry. You can book a one-way trip and just call us later on for your return flight. After all, we are very easy to talk with, and are very responsive to requests from our customers.

Why choose Caribbean charter flights for your next trip

Bringing together a team of seasoned Caribbean travel experts, we have over the years become your premier choice for flying smart in the Caribbean. Here's why you should fly with us!

  • Specialist local knowledge
    Even if you know an Island well, the job of a good V.I.P Charter Company is to know about the destination and experiences that are important to you.
  • Impossible access to unique Caribbean Routes
    But let's say that you do know the Caribbean well and have your heart set on a few select destinations: that island you've heard so much about but is hard to get to. We'll take care of it! with over 15 years of local knowledge
  • Your time is valuable
    Many people would consider time to be the greatest luxury of all. So even if you did happen to be lucky enough to have the resources and connections to investigate all of these possibilities for yourself, do you really have or want to spend the time to do so?
  • Convenience and peace of mind
    Ultimately, it's the convenience of having everything arranged to taste that draws travelers to the personal V.I.P travel partner. Unlike the old adage, "if you want something done right, do it yourself", you can rely on a proper V.I.P Charter Company to do it better than you could yourself; how convenient is that?

But don't take our word for it! Go to our reviews page and see what our previous clients are saying. We're looking forward to adding your own testimonial to the list soon!

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