Top Ten Tips to VIP Service

#1: You may ask yourself: Why would I spend the extra money for VIP services?

As a broker working with all local airlines in the Caribbean, we know that things can happen. Events such as a delayed inbound flight, bad weather, lost luggage can easily create a lot of hassle when you are in transit in a foreign airport.

The VIP Service accomplishes many facets of travel that would be difficult if not impossible, for you to handle on your own without our professional resources. You will really appreciated not having to deal with the hassle factor! We highly recommend this service to those who wish to start or end their vacations without the stress that can come with connections.

Just like an insurance policy, just in case, as things happen!

#2: Personalized Meet & Greet

When arriving at an unfamiliar airport, finding your way can sometimes be difficult if not challenging. You might ask yourself: How long does it take to clear customs? Where is the baggage reclaim area? How far do I need to walk until I reach the check-in desk area? Do I have enough time between flights to do all that?

Now! Imagine a dedicated VIP Service agent waiting for you….with a sign and your name on it!

Someone who knows the airport terminal inside out and could escort you through the whole transit process….

Wouldn’t that be reassuring and comforting?

The Meet & Greet can be organized at:

  • Curbside
  • Transfer desk
  • Airplane door (private flights only)
  • Airport gate (inbound)

#3: Expeditious escort through immigration, customs and security formalities

As a fully-accredited airport staff that same dedicated agent could take you through fast-track customs & immigration checkpoints, bypassing long lines, and accessing special security lines normally reserved to local residents, flight crew or diplomats. The “standard” passengers waiting in the regular lines will give you that special look and wonder: “Who are these VIP people?… “

Wouldn’t that be cool and stress-free knowing that you’re in good hands literally flying through the airport terminal to catch your next flight?

#4: Tired of carry heavy bags all the way?

Some airports in the Caribbean are large and have multiple terminals to go through. Many of them don’t provide airport trolleys to their passengers. As a matter of fact, very few offer that service.

This means that passengers in transit have to carry their bags from the baggage reclaim area all the way to the check-in desks. This is a tiring and painful process, particularly for parents traveling with young children, or if you carry special sporting equipment such as golf clubs or scuba diving gear.

The VIP Service provides a great solution allowing you to travel “light”:

With your checked luggage tags, one of our handling agents will collect your bags from the reclaim area and check them in with your outbound airline or charter operator. Furthermore, he/she will ensure that your luggage gets on the same flight as you! (Airline baggage weight policy permitting).

#5: your baggage didn’t make it?

If the airline on the inbound flight lost your luggage, how will you pick it up the next day if you’re flying to another island? If your luggage is not checked-in all the way to your destination, the responsibility of the airline stops at your transit airport. This creates a lot of hassle and worries.

Well, our VIP agent is a local, remember? You are traveling to your final island destination, but he/she is not. This is where you really will enjoy the privilege of being a VIP traveler! A lost-luggage procedure will be filed on your behalf with the airline, and our team will track your luggage and organize a transfer to your final destination as soon as it arrives.

#6: Immigration & Customs clearance

Arriving in a foreign airport is always a challenge when it comes to immigration & customs clearance. Each country (this means every island in the Caribbean!) has a different form to be completed and it is not always easy to do it right. It gets even more complicated when traveling with pets or special luggage requiring special procedures.

Here again, our dedicated VIP Service agent will be there to assist. With local knowledge, things are easier to handle, and this is where our agent will be providing all the assistance needed to remove the hassle from the transit process.

#7: Late inbound flight?

Picture this: a snow storm has delayed your departure flight from home, and now your connection time is getting tight. Initially you had planned your trip with a reasonable amount of time between flights, but because of the delay you’re unsure if you’ll make that last flight to your island destination. And this gets worse if your destination airport has sunset restrictions (such as St Barths or Nevis….).

Why not remove the stress out of the equation? When you book a VIP service with us, our local

team will monitor progress of your inbound flight. Based on the E.T.A (Estimated Time of Arrival) of your inbound flight, our agents will anticipate all necessary steps to ensure you transfer seamlessly between flights:

  • Pre-check you in with your next charter operator or airline and advising them of your delay.
  • Possibly delaying your private charter flight in coordination with the operator (as necessary and availability permitting).
  • If applicable obtain a pre-clearance with the local immigration and customs.
  • Organize the ground operations by optimizing the time allocated to your reduced transit.
  • Minimizing disruptions for immigration/customs/Security procedures and baggage handling.

#8: And what if you miss your connection?

Then you’ll need plan B. Our local team of agents will provide you with alternatives such as:

  • Trying to get you on another flight (or boat where applicable) the same day.
  • If not possible, assist with ground transportation and booking a local hotel.
  • Pre-check you in for your flight the next day early morning.

More than ever, you will be glad to have someone on your side when things don’t go as planned. Local expertise is the key and only with our dedicated team of professionals will you feel comfortable and secured in unusual situations such as missed connection in a foreign airport.

#9: Treat yourself with a private airport lounge!

A VIP Lounge is available in some of our hubs (St Maarten, Antigua, Nevis, St Kitts, San Juan….), where you can sit in comfort and privacy while you wait for boarding time.

Lounge access usually includes*:

  • Comfortable, air-conditioned lounge seating
  • soft drinks, wine, coffee, tea, hot/cold hors-d’oeuvres, light snacks and finger foods
  • WiFi access (small business center with fax and printing facilities where applicable)
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Large flat screen TV with live sport & news.

(*services offered differ form airport to airport).

Normally reserved for guests of private jet and charter clients, lounges are offered to travelers in an effort to provide a seamless, “one in a million” VIP experience from the moment you arrive to the time you take your seat on the plane. No lines to wait in. No public pat downs. No crowded rooms. Instead, we offer quiet, air-conditioned and spacious lounges with relaxing seating.

#10: What is the cost of a VIP Service?

All airports are different and being in between flights can be challenging is some of them. St Maarten, Antigua or San Juan are known to be difficult when it comes to transfer between flights on a tight schedule. The need for a VIP Transfer Service quickly become obvious for high-end customers used to travel in comfort and effortless. But now every traveler can be a Very Important Person for the time of an airport transit.

What is the cost of a VIP Service? Not that much!

Prices start as low as $20 USD per person at some airports, but usually are around $100 USD / person depending on the level of service required.

For a personalized quote, email us at info@caribbean-charter-flights or call toll-free at (844) 900-0747.

VIP Services

VIP Concierge Team

Caribbean Charter Flights offers the following VIP airport transfer services at selected hubs:

  • Personalized Meet & Greet
  • Seamless transfer services between flights
  • Escort through airport terminal with dedicated VIP Service agent
  • Expeditious Immigration & Customs formalities
  • Baggage reclaim & transfer to your next flight

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