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3 Attractions You Need To See In Beautiful Anguilla

Alluring yet unassuming, the island of Beautiful Anguilla is a dazzling gem in the crown of the Caribbean. Within this tiny island are some of the most picturesque beaches and unspoiled landscapes that truly define the experience of a Caribbean holiday.

This is a true playground for the affluent with silky white sands and crystal clear waters, both of which invite either endless activity or endless rest and relaxation. There are, in fact, so many things to do here that it is impossible to leave without finding an entire trip’s worth of activities to tickle one’s fancy. Here is just a small offering of the many places to see in beautiful Anguilla.

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The Sandy Ground Village Beautiful Anguilla

If you are looking for the perfect place to catch the quintessential Caribbean island vibe, the Sandy Ground Village is the place to visit. It is a very popular stop among children and features a long white sand beach with a dive shop, a few unassuming accommodations and a long line of restaurants to cater to anyone’s individual taste.

Sit and watch as the yachts roll into the crescent-shaped bay and, if you are visiting in May, take in the annual Anguilla Regatta. During the event there are even more options for entertainment, and the local businesses pull out all the stops to make the experience that much more special.

Sandy Ground Village is also home to the Old Salt Factory and Pump House, one of Anguilla’s main historical attractions. Until quite recently (early 1980s), salt was the primary industry of Anguilla. Tours of the site and pump house are available to visitors.

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Anguilla’s Dive Sites Beautiful Anguilla

Anguilla’s double reef is home to a wide variety of corals and is known for its artificial reefs formed by ships intentionally sunk around it. There are seven marine parks around the island for divers to explore. These include Prickly Pear, Dog Island, Seal Island Reef, Sandy Island, Little Bay, Shoal Bay, Stony Bay and Harbour Reef.

Divers are likely to encounter sea turtles, garden eels and stingrays throughout the dive sites. The sunken remains of El Buen Consejo, a Spanish galleon dating back to the 18th century can be found and explored at Stone Bay Marine Park. The ship has rested in those waters since it sunk in 1722. Only SCUBA certified divers are allowed in but the chance to see it up close is a great reason to secure that certification in advance.

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The Fountain Cavern National Park

The Fountain Cavern is located near Shoal Bay and is one of Anguilla’s natural wonders. It is also a top site for archaeologists. There are two crystal clear fresh water pools and an underground cave situated 15 metres below ground. It is believed that the fountain was a site of worship for the Taino Indians, and a place of pilgrimage for the Amerindian tribe.

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