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Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2015: Racing For Fun And Relaxation

One of the Caribbean’s most notable racing events takes place from the 15th to the 21st of April each year – and in this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of it. Are you ready for the 2015 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta? Let’s get started!

About The Race

The 2015 annual Antigua Regatta (the 28th of its kind) is proudly hosted by the Antigua Yacht Club, one of the world’s most prestigious sailing clubs. Having operated for over 45 years, the yacht club is open to every individual with an interest in water sports – all the way from keen racers to passionate spectators.

The Regatta hosts between 50 and 60 yachts every year, the bulk of which is made up of traditional island crafts, classic ketches, sloops, schooners and yawls, together with the Spirit of Tradition yachts, J Class yachts, and Tall Ships.

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

This event has a feel of its own given mainly by its main objective of encouraging yacht crews to sail alongside each other for fun, on courses that are safe, and on vessels of any size or handling difficulty – as opposed to racing through tight quarters.

Complemented by the perfect wind sailing conditions of the Caribbean, the Antiguan hospitality, as well as plenty of rum and sunshine, the Classic Regatta is always surrounded by a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes for a maximum fun experience for both sailors and spectators each year.


The race spans over 7 days, with an introductory event, 5 main race events, and a tea party and the end to wrap the week up. Below is a summary of the schedule, however you can access the full 2015 programme here.

  • 15th April – mainly consists of the teams’ registrations and inspections, as well as a welcoming party at the Yacht Club closer to the evening.
  • 16th April – the main event of the day will be the Classic Single-Handed Race, a unique chance for the skilled “single handers” to show-off their skill on the beautiful classics (ranging in size from 12 feet up to 130 feet).
  • 17th April to 20th April – Each day will feature its own Classic Regatta race, at 10am every day. The final course decisions will be made closer to the date based on weather and sea conditions at the time. A prize giving ceremony will also take place on the 20th, in the evening.
  • 21st April – there will be a gig race in the afternoon, however the main event to watch out for is the Cream Tea Party that will wrap up the event, at 3pm in the Admiral’s Inn.

Additionally, a full schedule of parties, social events and activities will be available closer to the event’s date, at Registration, on notice boards and on the official website as well.

Caribbean Regatta

What To Expect

Tens of classic ships showing off their beauty, a friendly atmosphere full of people that are looking to relax (or race) just like you, one of the best weeks of the year full of events to attend and races to enjoy, as well as one of the most sunshine-filled, ideal places to enjoy at this time of the year.

Here is a short video of the 2014 Classic Regatta that will better illustrate what we mean, in a way that we could never put in words.

The Caribbean is the perfect place for your next holiday. When paired up with a unique event such as the Antigua Regatta, it makes it that much better to be in the right place at the right time!

Classic Yacht on Sea

It’s High Time You Visited The Caribbean

The Yacht Regatta is a great event to be able to witness, whether you’re passionate about water sports, or simply looking to use it as a pretext for fun and relaxation!

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Image sources: Pixabay, Flickr


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