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St. Barths Film Festival 2015: 7 Days Of Exotic Beach Movies

What’s better than planning your trip to the exotic island of St. Barths in the Caribbean? How about planning your trip around the annual, 20 year-old tradition of the St. Barths Film Festival!

Get your feet in the soft sands of the Caribbean beaches with the turquoise sky above, all while experiencing the island’s culture in an environment full of excitement at this year’s annual “Cinema Caraibe.”

An entire week starting 24th April and until the 30th will be dedicated to this spectacular tradition. Without further ado – let’s take a closer look at what’s coming up the 2015 St. Barths Film Festival!

About The Festival

Launched in 1996, the St. Barths Film Festival allowed this heavenly island to open its doors to cultural richness. Exotic entertainment and great times are the central theme of the event, with films from various regions – such as Barbados, Trinidad, Cuba, Jamaica, and many more – running throughout.

The Caribbean opens its arms to the many filmmakers and talented people that dedicate themselves bringing tourists the best of their creative talents. Putting on display a commemoration to the rich culture that makes up the region, regional filmmakers come to discuss their work and screen the great films that each has produced.

The event essentially put the Caribbean on the map as a yearly meeting spot for regional filmmakers, featuring a round-table discussion about Caribbean cinema, and offering a closer look into the islands’ unique art.

2015 Movie Highlights

This year’s Festival will bring 7 days of beach-ran films, and the focus will be on creativity and the richness of the culture in the Caribbean. Here is a list of the most notable movies, including the World Premiere:

  • Rockers (1978, 120 minutes), 24th April – centers around the adventures of the talented yet unemployed drummer “Horsemouth” on the island of Jamaica.
  • Rose et le Soldat (2015, 90 minutes), 25th April – centered around the Vichy regime and featuring an attempt to flee to the British islands.
  • Rise Up (2010, 88 minutes), 26th April – documents the world of underground music in Jamaica, following three musicians’ efforts to break into the mainstream.
  • Return to Ithaca (2014, 95 minutes), 27th April – five friends relive their youth as they gather to celebrate one’s return after 16 years.
  • Sand Dollars (2014, 85 minutes), 28th April – Noeli and her brother earn their living from island tourists in the Dominican Republic. When Noeli meets Anne, she has to decide whether to leave pursuit of a better future.
  • PAN! Our Music Odyssey (2014, 90 minutes), 29th April – a docu-drama on the story and history of the national instrument, the steel pan, from 1820 to 1963.
  • Vanishing Sail (2015), 30th April – the highlight of the event and world premiere, Vanishing Sail tells the story of trading by sail in the West Indies, and follows a community of boat builders in Carriacou who struggle to maintain their tenuous grip on a dying skill. The movie was crowdfunded by fans on the Kickstarter platform, where it raised $62.023 from 355 backers.

St. Barths Film Festival 2015: Vanishing Sail

The festival is a great chance to take a break from mainstream movies to look at titles that, albeit less popular, will make up for it through personality and tradition. Most movies will be presented by the production team themselves, which makes this event into a great opportunity to meet the filmmakers themselves!

Getting There

The 2015 St. Barths Film Festival is a great way to get to know Caribbean culture in a fun way. When you add in the island’s exciting activities and popularity for celebrity-spotting, you get all the ingredients for an amazing holiday!

And like with every amazing holiday, it all begins with planning. We make this easy for you by making sure you get there quickly and safely, all while having fun and allowing you to begin your vacation as soon as you take off. Take a moment to check out our St. Barths charter flights. For any questions or queries, please write us a message or give us a call – our experts will gladly jump in to help!


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