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Caribbean Diving: Top 3 Islands For A Unique Experience

Caribbean Diving: An Experience Like No Other

The Caribbean has long been revered for its amazing diving experiences. St. Barths, Nevis, and Virgin Gorda have some of the most spectacular diving in the world, due to a combination of visibility, health of the reefs, quantity of sea life, and variety of fish. That said, let’s take a close look at each!

Caribbean Diving: Top Locations

1. St. Barths Diving Caribbean Diving

The diving on this island is especially noteworthy due to the water clarity and the vast abundance of fish. The relatively shallow waters around St. Barths allow for the sunlight to reflect off of the seabed, providing the best lighting to view the variety of animals. Since 1996, a large portion of the sea has been designated as a Marine Reserve – protecting the fish and other sea life from hunters, and allowing for the proliferation and gathering.

In the seas off of St. Barths, divers fund an a profusion of enormous corals, with fish everywhere the eye can see. The entire island is surrounded by reefs, and thus every beach and bay has its own reef to explore.

With over 20 dive sites, ranging from caves to reefs to canyons and even ship wrecks, anyone is spoiled for choice. The most spectacular diving sites are around the islet Pain de Sucre, near to the Gustavia harbor and around cape l’Ane Rouge, off of Colombier beach.

In addition to the multitude of fish, rare marine animals are frequently seen. Marine turtles (protected since 1991) have returned, and are particularly visible near the aforementioned Colombier beach, in addition to Fourchue. Eagle rays, eels, tarpon fish, and even baby nurse sharks are regularly reported.

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St. Barths Diving

2. Nevis Diving

The incredible variety of potential dive sites and sea life of Nevis create an amazingly exciting dive experience. The island features thermal vents, freighter wrecks, caves, shoals, underwater boulders, and otherworldly coral growth.

One of the most unique sites is the Thermal Vents. Divers can go near to the hot vent, which spews fizzy water heated to a blazing 100F. Near to the vents, strange black coral “trees” provide hiding places for crabs and enormous lobsters.

Another interesting site for any diver is the underwater wreck of the ship “River Taw.” At over 140 feet, the ship sank in 1985, and is now encrusted in coral, and home to many fish, including rays, angelfish, and snappers.

An eerie cave offers entrance to divers, rightfully named “Devil’s Cave,” the site is located at the most southern point of Nevis. Caverns and ledges provide protection to the wealth of fish that hide inside, including stingrays, nurse sharks, and even reef sharks.

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Nevis Diving

3. Virgin Gorda Diving

The most dazzling aspect of the island’s dives is its unique topography. Submerged pinnacles, a marine mountain, underwater oases, and smatterings of granite boulders create an otherworldly landscape for exploration.

A favorite among divers, “The Invisibles” is an underwater pinnacle that starts around 60 feet and rises to almost 3 feet of the surface. Corals and sponges give the surrounding reef amazing vibrant color, and a copious quantity of fish hang out near the peak of the pinnacle. Take care to mind the strong current!

Near to Yacht Harbor, there is another popular dive site. Underwater, huge granite boulders (like on the island’s Baths beach) provide a strange landscape and plenty of nooks and crannies for fish to hide.

This location is said to be one of the very best in all of the Caribbean, for the sheer number of fish that it attracts, and for the immense variety. Lobsters, eels, grunts, snappers, angelfish, stingrays, and sharks are all regular visitors, and just a few of the plethora of species.

“Mountain Point” is located northeast of Mango Bay, and has several different moorings, varying in depth. Eagle rays and stingrays are extremely prolific, and scenic grottos and archways abound.

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Virgin Gorda Diving

Getting There

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