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Top 3 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations ( Anguilla, Nevis, St. Barths ) For Lifelong Memories

Searching for a Caribbean honeymoon destination can be difficult. The once-in-a-lifetime trip is meant to be magical, romantic, intimate and – for many – tropical, relaxing, and luxurious.

The one region that best encompasses every honeymoon desire is the Caribbean, with its secluded white sand beaches, calm bathwater seas, world class dining and hotels, breath-taking sunsets, and much more – so you at least have a broad idea of where your ideal honeymoon should happen. But what specific island should you pick?

In this article we’ll help you choose your ideal Caribbean honeymoon destination by showing you our best Caribbean honeymoon destinations for the holiday of a lifetime. While the entire Caribbean is spectacular, three island destinations stand out as honeymoon-spectacular – and we’ll discuss each of them in detail below.

Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

1. Caribbean Honeymoon On Anguilla

Rated #1 Caribbean honeymoon destination by both Bridal Guide and US News Travel, Anguilla can’t be beat for romance. This is why so many weds choose it as a wedding destination as well, like them for example (click to see the amazing photos).

With beautiful and uncrowded beaches on top of its highest luxury standards, the island is perfect for couples looking for the most intimate and starry-eyed honeymoon location. Boasting some of the Caribbean’s most lavish accommodations and spas, relaxation is not hard to achieve.

Famous for its wide range of romantic restaurants, the island has something delightful for everyone. With over 70 restaurants on only 91 square kilometres of land, it is the best island for foodies and honeymooners looking to indulge in romantic meals together.

With calm bays, easy snorkeling, and widely available boat tours, Anguilla is great for any couple who want to intersperse leisure and pampering with world class water activities. Rendezvous Bay is one of the most romantic and secluded beaches on the island, popular with honeymooners looking for beachside privacy.

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Romantic Caribbean Location

2. Uninterrupted Romance In Nevis Caribbean Honeymoon

Nevis is another top Caribbean honeymoon destination, most beloved for its friendliness and also amazing scenery, and perfect for honeymooners who want the ultimate relaxation experience interspersed with pool-lounging and drink-sipping.

The tiny island features a giant volcano surrounded by old plantations too, which makes is amazing for wandering around in exploration. To top it all off, the sunrises and sunsets are unbeatable.

The plentiful activities such as scuba-diving, horseback riding and much more will never let you get bored. Renting a car to drive around the tiny ring road (only 20 miles long) is also recommended, for an experience that is as heart-pounding and adventurous as it gets.

Nevis is an amazing Caribbean honeymoon destination for relaxation and one-on-one time. The island’s unsurpassed level of relaxation and romance is hard to put in words, so we recommend you check out this writer’s dream honeymoon on Nevis.

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Caribbean Honeymoon: Palm Trees

3. Glamorous St. Barths

Known for its glitz, glamour and gorgeousness (both the island and the people), St. Barths is one of the best Caribbean honeymoon destinations. The obvious French influence makes the island ultra-chic, and the constant stream of celebrities here along with duty free shopping ups the trendiness of the location.

St. Barths may not be the best pick if you’re looking for a budget option, as the intimate and exclusive island is high in style (and price) – however its remoteness and exclusivity makes it consistently over deliver on expectations.

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None of the beaches are ever too crowded – perfect for honeymooners seeking sophistication and intimacy. The beaches of Cul-de-Sac and St. Jean are most popular among honeymooners, for the wide selection of excellent restaurants, beautiful soft sand, and calm waters.

Caribbean Honeymoon: Romantic Sunset

Flying to Your Caribbean Honeymoon Destination

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