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Caribbean Hiking: Top 3 Islands For Exotic Wandering

The islands of the Caribbean are well known for their beaches, their relaxing retreats, and tropical cocktails. While less known, Caribbean hiking is also amazing on the islands – and just as noteworthy as any other exotic activity you should consider during your vacation.Caribbean Hiking

In case you want to incorporate some physical activity and great views into your Caribbean holiday, consider the best Caribbean hiking islands we will recommend below. Our tourists loved wandering on the exotic paths and trails here, and we’re confident you will too!

1. Caribbean Hiking In St. Barths

Because the rocky, hilly land has made construction of large buildings and structures nearly impossible, large spans of undeveloped land still exist on St. Barths. Definitely the best Caribbean hiking location, the island’s rough and rock-filled terrain is calling to be explored. The island tourist bureau has brochures indicating hiking itineraries, so stop by and ask!

Colombier Beach Caribbean Hiking

The most famous Caribbean hike on the island, Colombier Beach, is only accessible by boat (or a steep hike as well, for the adventurous). Taking between 15 and 30 minutes, there is a path that will take you from Petite Anse to the stunning bay. It is an extremely romantic, secluded place ideal for having a beach picnic – just one of the many reasons why celebrities love it here.

Caribbean Hiking: Colombier Beach

Washing Machine & Natural Pools

Reach these two locations by driving to Toiny Point, an interesting spot where vegetation on the windy point grows like bonsai trees. It is a dry forest shelter for orchids, rare cacti, and lilies, with beautiful views waiting for excited explorers.

Where the road starts to curve, you will see a four-car parking area, and the path to the beach and the trail are on the left. While walking down the path, you will arrive to a rocky beach, after which you should turn right to reach the narrow goat path leading to the attraction.

“Washing Machine” (pictured below) is a spectacular beach that lies where the rocks meet the sea, named so because the water crashing over the beach and swirling around mimics the movement of a washing machine.

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St. Barths Hiking: Washing Machine

2. Anguilla

The island’s small size (only 17 miles in length) and several abandoned coast-side projects (leaving paved paths behind) make it a prime hiking location.

Pelican Trail

A local businessman built a 400-step staircase from Roche’s Hill Road to sea level. The views are amazing and allow the formerly inaccessible Pelican Bay to be explored. At the bottom of the stairs kayaks, snorkel equipment, a water trampoline, and gazebos are available to rent.

Don’t forget to look for the namesake pelicans that hang about!

Caribbean Hiking: Anguilla Pelican Trail

Anguilla Heritage Trail

Created in 2010 through the cooperation between the Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society, Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, Anguilla National Trust, and the Anguilla Tourist Board, there are ten sites along this well-signposted trail.

All sites are culturally and historically significant, and include Crocus Hill, the Factory, Heritage Collection, Katouche Bay, Old Valley Well, Pumphouse, the secluded beach of Rendezvous Bay, Sandy Ground, Wallblake House, and Wardens Place.

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Anguilla Hiking: Heritage Trail

3. Mustique

Because Mustique is a private island the number of homes is limited, thus much space is left to nature – and hikers! While there are fewer big name trails, Mustique is the perfect island for setting off on your own path of exploration through the island’s lavish landscape. Oh, and did we mention the amazing sunsets?

Salt Pond Trail

Starting from Brittania Bay, head south along the shore towards a coastal pathway fringed with palm trees. The trail goes right around the salt pond lagoon, passes by Lagoon Bay (with a great swimming beach), and continues east to the roadway.

There are several side trails, of which one trail leads to an observation blind for viewing bird. Mangroves are throughout, and many birds are easy to spot. Salt Pond Trail splits into many trails, giving excited Caribbean hikers the opportunity to explore the beautiful island for days on this path.

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Mustique Hiking

Get Caribbean Hiking!

Regardless of the island you choose, the best way to arrive to your Caribbean hiking destination is by means of a private charter flight. We are proud to be operating charter flights to these featured destinations (including the three islands mentioned above), and would be happy to have you on board!

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Image sources: Architectural Digest, Pinterest, ATCF, Sailing InterludeCaribbean Hiking

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