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Caribbean Snorkeling: 3 Exotic Islands And Their Top Underwater Spots

The Caribbean is well known for beautiful beaches, Caribbean Snorkeling sparkling waters, and relaxing vacations. Even more, Caribbean snorkeling is among the most spectacular in the world! In this article, we explore our top 3 island recommendations for snorkeling, and then we reveal the best underwater spots on each!

St. Barths Caribbean Snorkeling

In addition to world class dining, shopping, yachting, and even celebrity spotting, the island of St. Barths also offers top-notch snorkeling. The irregular coastline of the small island creates lagoons and bays, protected from the current and waves of the ocean.

Fine sand, spectacular corals, and calm waters attract every variety of swimmers – humans and sea life alike.

St. Barths’ Top Underwater Spots Caribbean Snorkeling

Lorient Beach is one of the best spots to discover sea life. A coral reef protects the bay, and provides a haven for turtles and a multitude of multicolored fish. The sea has a strong break at this beach (surfing competitions are seasonally hosted) but snorkelers can paddle out for calmer waters.

Another popular beach and excellent snorkeling location is Petit Cul de Sac. The location is a favorite for picnics, and also famous for the plethora of fish offshore. As part of the Marine Reserve, the waters are protected from fishing, and thus an abundance of fish thrive. These protected waters host a coral reef and untouched marine life.

Anse de Colombier is one of the best and most beautiful beaches on the island, according to many visitors. But while most of the beach-goers relax on the sands, snorkelers can find the true treasure in the water.

Sea turtles are known to frequent Anse de Colombier, and there are many reported sightings.

Mustique Snorkeling

Mustique is smaller and less well known than many of the other Caribbean islands – but no less beautiful! The smaller number of tourists is perfect for snorkelers, as less disruption means more beautiful fish!

Mustique’s Best Underwater Spot

Lagoon Bay on the southwestern tip of the island features a long, white sand beach perfect for sunbathing, as well as calm waters. The shallow bay is perfect for inexperienced swimmers and snorkelers to test the waters and improve their skills.

Gallicaux Bay is one of the least visited and unheard of beaches on the island, but it is a hidden treasure. The beach provides some of the most spectacular snorkeling in the world. Recent snorkelers reported seeing octopus, in addition to many fish, with the clear and calm waters providing excellent visibility.

Virgin Gorda Snorkeling

Virgin Gorda is famous for its unique rock formations, in addition to luxury vacationing. It boasts beautiful beaches just like the rest of the Caribbean, but the snorkeling off this island holds a special treat – warm waters!

Virgin Gorda’s Top Underwater Spots

The Baths are the most well-known spot on the island. The huge boulders in this area create caves and the namesake baths. In addition to being interesting to experience, the Baths are also perfect for snorkeling.

The winding mazes of the rock formations are extremely fun and unique to snorkel through, providing homes for many fish species that would be hard to spot anywhere else.

A second great spot, the Spring Bay, is immediately next to the Baths and has similarly huge black granite boulders spattered across the beach. Many believe that it is even prettier and more accessible than the Baths, and equally full of sea wildlife off the shores.

A third snorkeling spot, the Savannah Bay, is ideal for children and beginners alike. The shallow, calm waters have coral reefs very close to the shore – perfect for anyone not yet confident in their swimming or snorkeling abilities.

While the beach of the Bay can often times seem deserted, the sea is intensely populated with a wide variety of fish! The best snorkeling is directly south of the beach.

Exploring The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean has a wide variety of options when it comes to spectacular snorkeling experiences, and we’ve highlighted our top 3 recommendations in this article.

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