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Best Snorkeling In Barbados: Places, Beaches, Map & Tours

A well-known Caribbean retreat for many watersports,Best Snorkeling In Barbados gives you the opportunity to try activities such as scuba diving, parasailing, surfing and even snuba! What this exotic island truly excels at, however, is snorkeling.

Barbados has some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean – and its colorful coral reefs, plentiful shipwrecks to explore, and beautiful marine life to swim with make snorkeling in Barbados an absolute “must” for visitors and tourists alike!

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4 Best Islands to Explore Caribbean Coral Reefs

The coral reefs in the Caribbean Coral Reefs are a major draw for tourists all around the world – and for good reason. The vibrant colours of the reefs, along with the beautiful Caribbean fish are outstanding and mesmerizing – providing the ultimate experience for any diver or snorkeler.

Currently the Caribbean hosts 9% of the total number of coral reefs in the world, which play a key part in the economy for both the tourism and fishing industries in these 38 countries.

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Top 9 Caribbean Snorkeling Fish. #8 Are (Literally) Movie Stars!

Below you’ll find our top 9 Caribbean snorkeling fish – amazing sights for any exotic snorkeling lover, beginner or seasoned. Along with the fish’s names and photos, we also gave them our awards for the most vocal Caribbean fish, most entertaining Caribbean fish, and many more!

Oh and by the way – can you guess the movie star fish (number #8 on our list) before you get there? Hint: kids always love this guy!

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

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Caribbean Snorkeling: 3 Exotic Islands And Their Top Underwater Spots

The Caribbean is well known for beautiful beaches, Caribbean Snorkeling sparkling waters, and relaxing vacations. Even more, Caribbean snorkeling is among the most spectacular in the world! In this article, we explore our top 3 island recommendations for snorkeling, and then we reveal the best underwater spots on each!

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