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Caribbean Snorkelling: Unique Spots For The Best Experience

St. Barths and Virgin Gorda offers an abundance of locations that are ideal for caribbean Snorkelling experience, but only a few distinguish themselves by offering an unmatched experience. Two of these are best Caribbean islands best for snorkelling – mostly because of their diversity in terms of snorkelling spots. We explore these two locations in this article.

Caribbean Snorkelling at St. Barths (flying to St. Barths)

St. Barths sits on a coral plate with plenty of canyons, reefs and caves, not to mention several shipwreck sites throughout the area. You are sure to encounter sea turtles, eels, rays, tarpon fish and even a baby nurse shark along the way.

Caribbean Snorkelling in St Barth

Here are a few locations that visitors and locals alike regard as the best on the island for the serious snorkeler:

  • Lorient Beach – If you like sea turtles, you won’t have to wait long to encounter a few here.
  • Colombier beach – A 15-minute hike from Flamands, this beach offers great snorkelling off to the far right of the shoreline.
  • Petit de Anse – This one is also in the vicinity of Flammands but much closer than Colombier. Stone steps lead to the beach and once in the water you will encounter a large population of parrotfish and sea turtles.
  • Forchue Island – Take a half-day boat tour to this underwater nature preserve that offers some of the best snorkelling anywhere in the Caribbean.

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Virgin Gorda (flying to Virgin Gorda)

The numerous shallow-waters around Virgin Gorda make for amazing caribbean snorkelling locations . Even the most experienced snorkeler will find that there are enough places and enough interesting views to occupy days’ worth of underwater exploration.

Caribbean Snorkelling around Virgin Gorda

Here are the five locations that travellers mention most often when asked where the best snorkelling on this beautiful Caibbean island can be found:

  • Savanah bay – Located along Virgin Gorda’s West shore is a government-established “trail” to help visitors create a self-guided tour of the best snorkelling spots throughout the bay. There are even underwater signs to guide snorkelers and teach about the local marine life.
  • The Baths – For snorkelers who like exploring rock formations, this is the ideal snorkelling spot off Virgin Gorda. The area is also teeming with colourful tropical fish and lush marine plant life.
  • The Dogs – Accessible by charter boat, this is a small grouping of uninhabited islands off Virgin Gorda’s Western shore is reputed to have some of the best snorkelling in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Mahoe Bay – There are two reefs in this bay that protect it from boat traffic that are also great places for the beginning snorkeler to learn and enjoy some breathtaking underwater views.
  • Prickly Pear Island – This island is part of the British Virgin Islands’ National Parks system. A five-minute boat ride carries visitors to the North Sound. Walk through the Prickly Pear nature refuge and you will be at north beach, a popular spot among the locals for swimming and snorkelling.

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Getting To The Best Caribbean Snorkelling Spots

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