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How to Get to Nevis: Flights, Airport & Map

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You’ve done your research, you know you’re going to a Caribbean exotic destination next, and you have Nevis at the top of your must-visit list.

You know that this island’s amazing beach bars, parties, diving spots, year-round sun, golf courses and family activities (especially at the Four Seasons Nevis), as well as the many other things to do here are simply bonuses that merely serve to complement its natural beauty.

And now that raises the question – how do you get to Nevis? In this article we will give you our best tips on getting to Nevis quick and hassle-free, to save you valuable vacation time in the process.

How to Get to Nevis

How to Get to Nevis?

Whenever you’re looking to get to one of the Caribbean’s smaller islands (like St. Barths or Nevis), it’s important to note that big commercial flights cannot take you directly to your final destination.

This is because the islands’ size limits the length of airport runways, which often allow only a handful of well-accredited private flight operators (like Caribbean Charter Flights) to use.

An often suggested alternative to flying is taking a ferry to Nevis, however this is not an option we recommend. Traveling by boat can be unpleasant and considerably less comfortable, especially when traveling with family.

The other option, and the best way to get to Nevis, is by taking a private charter flight.

This is your best bet when traveling to the island, as charter flights will take you directly to your destination quickly and on a flexible schedule – saving you valuable vacation time in the process.

At the same time, you will also have full control over 1) the aircraft you choose to fly in (which is customizable to fit you and your family or group’s personal needs) and 2) the passengers who you choose to fly with.

Below we take a close look at flying to Nevis, explaining the whole process of booking the right private charter flight that will connect seamlessly with your commercial flight.

Nevis Scenery

How Do You Fly Get to Nevis

Flights to Nevis will most usually have one connection, and thus there will be two parts to your trip.

First, you should book a commercial flight (see list of airlines below) to one of the main Caribbean hubs near Nevis. Pick whichever is most efficient for you from the following best options: Antigua (ANU), San Juan (SJU), St. Thomas (STT), or St. Maarten (SXM) – there is a map below.

Second, you should book your connecting private charter flight to pick you up at the right time after your main flight (this private flight can be either one way or round trip).

Our team can search the best connecting flights available for you free of charge – please click here to learn more. We also use our expertise to find cheap flights to Nevis – making sure you get the best flight deals available.

This second flight will get you straight to the beautiful Nevis (NEV) airport, and you’ll be able to begin enjoying this island’s natural beauty before you even step foot on it. Talk about making an entrance in style!

Nevis Airport

What Airlines Fly to Nevis?

Many airlines fly directly to the main Caribbean hubs, including the 4 islands we mentioned above that connect best with Nevis.

You can book a commercial flight to any of these bigger islands at any time, as they’re regularly scheduled from both the U.S. and Europe by big airlines such as Air France, Delta, Continental, United Airlines, and many others.

Nevis Flight Map

We can help you get to Nevis by booking the best connecting flight for you from the main Caribbean hubs in the map below (see red dots).

You can interact with the Nevis map to find more information about the specific private flying route that you’re interested in. Together we can pick the best route for your needs – so please feel free to contact us here at any time if you need help or have any questions at all.

Getting to Nevis

We hope with this article we did a good job of giving you new insight on the best way to get to this gorgeous island!

Next, you can learn more about flying smart in the Caribbean by downloading our free whitepaper here, or you can search for the best Nevis flights available right now on this page!

If you need help with anything at any point of your trip, please feel free to contact our Caribbean travel experts by writing us a quick message or by giving us a call. We always respond promptly, and will be happy to help!


Image sources and special thanks: Airplane Pictures, Wonder Mondo, Jonathan S.Get to Nevis

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