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The Baths, Virgin Gorda: Top 5 Activities You Must Try

The Baths of Virgin Gorda are mysterious, one-of-a-kind rock formations like you cannot find anywhere else on our planet. An unusual geologic formation, the giant boulders are located at the southern end of Virgin Gorda.

These rocks act as evidence of Virgin Gorda’s volcanic origins, as the huge granite boulders lie scattered throughout the beach and water, providing scenic grottoes available for exploration by tourists.

The perfect holiday attraction for almost any traveler, the Baths of Virgin Gorda have so much to offer, in the ultimately unique setting. Check out any and all of the fun activities the area has available, below!

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

Best Activities At The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The perfect holiday attraction for almost any traveler, the Baths of Virgin Gorda has so much to offer – all in this ultimately unique setting! Check out the most fun activities in this famous location, below!

1. Snorkeling

With very clear water, a mix of shallow and deep pools, and an exciting context, the Baths of Virgin Gorda is an extremely fun snorkeling destination.

The Baths is perfect for novice snorkelers who want to test their skills in the tranquil waters, and for more experienced snorkelers who are looking to check out the more challenging caves and grottoes as well!

Sand “stair steps” are formed at the edge of the Baths, and extremely worthy of checking out, as tarpon are known to wait.

Small fish hang out in the shallower pools, and the crystal clear water makes them easy to spot. Tidal pools enclosed by the boulders provide fascinating glimpses into an ecological microcosm!

2. Photography

An amateur photographer’s dream, it is practically impossible to take a bad photo of the Baths! The rock formations are so picturesque, and the water so bright and clear, that every shot is a winner!

More professional photographers definitely won’t suffer either, as interesting angles for hand held and tripod-held cameras exist everywhere you turn.

Half underwater caves make for amazing shots too, while the more adventurous photographers will love scrambling on top of boulders for different perspectives. Because the area of the Baths is so large, great shots are possible without having to time your visit around avoiding the crowds.

The boulders also form caves that are perfect for a young or amateur caver to explore.

The Baths Photography

3. Diving

Just a short ways away from the Baths beaches, the wreck of the RMS Rhone silently awaits. Widely considered one of the best dives in the British Virgin Islands, the shipwreck is an ultimate Caribbean experience for any serious diver.

Even closer to the Baths is the famous stingray cleaning rock, providing the perfect opportunity for any ray-lover. In addition to rays, sea turtles and barracudas abound.

The Baths Diving

4. Sun Bathing

The Baths have a glorious beach, with the smooth sand punctuated by the giant boulders. A more picturesque beach for relaxing would be impossible to find.

A great place for sun bathers, the beach is quiet and pretty. After an hour or so sunning on the beach, it’s easy to take a quick and cooling dip in the welcoming waters, or to grab a drink from the little beach bar that awaits.

The Baths Sunbathing

5. Swimming

The water is warm, due to the shallowness of the majority of the pools, and the Baths boulders act as miniature heaters, the granite holding onto the warmth of the sun’s rays. Year round, the water is a perfect temperature for swimming.

In addition, the boulders break up the tide and current, providing a calm and tranquil pool for even the most novice swimmers to feel comfortable.

The Baths Swimming

Arriving At The Baths, Virgin Gorda

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Images sources and special thanks: bbrom, St. Somewhere, Earthxplorer, Ty Sawyer, NJ Charters, Antony CaldaroniVirgin Gorda


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