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Virgin Gorda Must Do’s: Beyond Crystal Clear Waters And Emerald Green Views

The island of Virgin Gorda is one of our favourites – with stunning crystal waters, a gorgeous blue skyline and emerald green views. From the tranquility and lively excitement, the island of Virgin Gorda is a special place to vacation – and the ideal holiday spot to come see for yourself!

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The Baths, Virgin Gorda: Top 5 Activities You Must Try

The Baths of Virgin Gorda are mysterious, one-of-a-kind rock formations like you cannot find anywhere else on our planet. An unusual geologic formation, the giant boulders are located at the southern end of Virgin Gorda.

These rocks act as evidence of Virgin Gorda’s volcanic origins, as the huge granite boulders lie scattered throughout the beach and water, providing scenic grottoes available for exploration by tourists.

The perfect holiday attraction for almost any traveler, the Baths of Virgin Gorda have so much to offer, in the ultimately unique setting. Check out any and all of the fun activities the area has available, below!

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