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Virgin Gorda Bars: Top 7 Locations You Mustn’t Miss

Our list of the best Virgin Gorda bars will provide you with plenty of island locations where you can just relax, sip from a coconut and just listen to the Sea (or to your thoughts) for those moments when you’re looking for a break – or just feeling thirsty!

There are many awesome Virgin Gorda bars, however your very own favourite will likely boil down to two things: your personal taste, and your location on the island during your stay.

That said, let’s dive straight into our list of the best Virgin Gorda bars to help you find your favourite!

Virgin Gorda Bars

7 Best Virgin Gorda Bars

We recommend trying out at least a few of our top 7 Virgin Gorda bars before you decide which you like best and will return to. They come in no particular order, as each provides different settings, locations, and sceneries – thus catering to different needs.

1. The Rock Cafe

Many tourists regard this as a must-visit Virgin Gorda bar. The setting is something of a kind, with tables arranged around boulders offering spectacular views. The food served is also very good, and they have lobster as well as freshly caught local fish on the menu too.

You can check out the many insightful reviews for The Rock Cafe on TripAdvisor.

Rock Cafe Virgin Gorda

2. Top of the Baths

Another Virgin Gorda bar and restaurant offering amazing views, this one is located in the famous Baths as the name suggests. On offer are great food and drinks, with a small pool nearby to shake off the salt water or for kids to have some fun while waiting for the food.

You can check out more insider reviews of the Top of the Baths bar from previous customers here.

Top of the Baths

3. Poorman’s Bar (The Baths)

A lower-profile Virgin Gorda bar located in The Baths, Poorman’s is located in an incredible beachfront location with amazing atmosphere (and great fresh mango margaritas)! It is your go-to place after a day spent exploring The Baths and Devil’s Bay.

You can check out more reviews of the Poorman’s Bar here.

Poorman's Bar

4. Rendezvous Bar (Bath & Turtle)

The Rendezvous Bar is part of Bath & Turtle, offering a great view of the yacht harbour in an extremely casual atmosphere (with delightful food and drinks, of course)! The desserts are the most talked about among customers, and we recommend you try the Key Lime Pie while here!

You can check out more reviews of this friendly and casual Virgin Gorda bar here.

Rendezvous Bar Virgin Gorda

5. Prickly Pear Bar (Prickly Pear Island)

Located on the nearby Prickly Pear Island, this Virgin Gorda beach bar differentiates itself through its one of a kind barmans who will surely surprise you with their exotic drink recipes!

With the island being a popular day spot for snorkeling and exploration, the Prickly Pear Bar is a must-visit location for when you need a break! More customer reviews are available at this link.

Prickly Pear Bar

6. Saba Rock Bar

The Saba Rock Virgin Gorda bar is not only a top-notch Caribbean location, but a world-class one too. The bar is part of the Saba Rock Resort, which is literally a hotel and restaurant built on a rock in the middle of the Sea.

During your Virgin Gorda trip visiting here is a must, and you can do so either by water taxi or by dinghy. When you do visit, don’t forget the bar and restaurant – you won’t regret sipping from your favourite cocktail or enjoying the Lobster Special here!

Find more reviews to get a closer idea about the Saba Rock by clicking here.

Saba Rock

7. Jumbies Beach Bar (Leverick Bay)

Jumbies Beach Bar, or simply “The Beach Bar at Leverick Bay” as many refer to it, is first of all your go-to place for the best Pina Colada on Virgin Gorda. Secondly, the Bar is highly regarded for its friendly staff (notably a beyond helpful guy by the name of Joe), and amazing food too!

You can check out more reviews of the Jumbies Virgin Gorda bar here.

Jumbies Virgin Gorda Beach Bar

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