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Virgin Gorda: Top Spots For Indulgent Dining

Virgin Gorda has a dubious name, but a reputation for some of the best food in the Caribbean. Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands and it has the second highest population. The name is believed to originate with Christopher Columbus. As the story goes, Columbus was looking over the horizon of the island and saw a mass of land he thought looked like a large, curvaceous woman lying on her side. Maybe that is why the island is so temping and draws so many people in the first place.

Virgin Gorda’s appeal is far-reaching. From its white sand beaches and breath-taking views, to its quaint towns and villages, there is something here for everyone. The dining scene is no exception; if it tickles your fancy you will find it here.

Fusions and Ethnic Favourites Virgin Gorda

Asian/Latin It is a combination that few people really consider – but when you come from around the globe to settle someplace, be sure that it will take on the character of numerous cultures. Sometimes the fusion of those cultures is best expressed in the local cuisine.

If you ever wondered what a hoisin duck tacquito would be like (or if we’ve just piqued your interest now), head over to CocoMaya and order up. They also serve some of the best hand-rolled sushi, steaks and seafood anywhere on the island.

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Casual Dining

If simple, fresh and elegant cuisine is more your speed, you will find numerous beachside cafes with selections such as fish sandwiches, pastas and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs – all served with some of the best mixed cocktails around. Virgin Gorda is also home to several excellent micro-breweries – and nothing goes better with ribs than an ice cold Caribbean beer.

A good place to start when looking for a quick bite is the Fat Virgin Cafe. It is named after the island, and is a good representation of Virgin Gorda’s overall mood.

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Upscale/Fine Dining

There is also no shortage of fine dining restaurants in Virgin Gorda, and all of them go out of their way to impress with gastronomic delights that showcase the best of the Caribbean and beyond. Enjoy contemporary twists on traditional favourites and abandon any hope of resisting the sinful decadence of the many dessert choices you will find to round out the perfect meal.

For the ultimate Virgin Gorda dining experience, the hilltop Biras Creek restaurant has arguably the best views and the most eclectic menu. Their prix-fixe options are unrivalled on the island.

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Pizza and Pasta

Can great Italian food be found in this island paradise? Well of course! If you’re in the mood for something simple like pizza or pasta, head over to the Bath and Turtle. The name doesn’t exactly scream Italy, but the quality of the cuisine will make you feel you’re actually there.

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