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St Lucia Holidays: Paradise on an Island

Before my St Lucia Holidays I have been lucky enough to venture into many of the islands of the Caribbean, I have been able to accurately gage what each destination is able to offer its avid tourists. From the perfect white sandy beaches of Barbados, to the affordable luxury of the Dominican Republic, it is my belief that this part of the world is a vacationer’s dream.

However, if I was to put my hand on my heart, I really would have to say that one destination stands out as a true leader above all others: namely, the island paradise that is St Lucia.

St Lucia's Pigeon Island

The Perfect Caribbean Islands Holiday : St Lucia Holidays

From the moment your airplane lands on this surprisingly green island, you’ll be greeted with warm tropical breezes as you’ll make your way towards a truly unforgettable St Lucia holiday. You’re also guaranteed an even warmer welcome from the friendly locals, and in no time at all you’ll be relaxing at the comfortable accommodation you booked for the duration of your stay.

The thing I loved the most about St Lucia is the fact that it is like a small taste of a South American rainforest. The interior of the island is covered by a very lush forest and if you hire a car like I did, you can head into the hillier interior where it feels like you’re somewhere like Amazon for a short while.

However, as St Lucia is hardly huge, alas, the rainforest doesn’t last for long. When I was in the rainforest I was lucky enough to see a huge monitor lizard; plus there are plenty of other examples of flora and fauna just waiting for your discovery at you lifetime St Lucia Holidays experience.

St Lucia Holidays : An Island Paradise, St Lucia's Rainforest

Exploring The Paradise

Driving around in a hired car is by far the best way to get out and about and really explore this paradise-like island. For a start, you can head to as many of the islands’ best beaches as you like.

Often, you may find that some of these beaches are literally deserted; meaning that you can swim in the gorgeous azure-blue waters without fear of being disturbed by another living soul: this really will be a true taste of paradise and the crowning glory of any Caribbean vacation.

Of course, you simply cannot come to St Lucia without paying a visit to the world-famous Piton Mountains. These ancient and extinct volcanoes lye side-by-side and can be seen across much of the island – especially in the southeast. Petit Piton is the smaller of the two, rising to a height of 743m; while Gross Piton is the highest at 771m.

The drive-in volcano is another extremely quirky tourist attraction that must not be missed. This is located at the aptly-named Soufriere and will definitely be an unforgettable experience! The smell of the sulfur in the air is pungent, and watching the volcano actively bubble right in front of your very eyes will be a uniquely intriguing experience.

Chilling at St Lucia – Caribbean Islands

Your Very Own St Lucia Holidays Story

From gorgeous and sometimes deserted beaches, to a rainforest in the interior of the island and even a drive-in volcano, you’ll have to trust me when I say that the island paradise of St Lucia really does have it all for that great vacation in the Caribbean.

We make getting there easy with our St Lucia charter flights – which is your best chance to begin your St Lucia Holidays with a blast! What better way to see the amazing landscape that the Caribbean has to offer, if not straight from above?

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions as far as planning your trip. We’ll answer your queries promptly, and are utterly happy to help you make the next step towards your perfect St Lucia Holidays a Caribbean island vacation!


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