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Why Choose Charter Flights

Why Choose Charter Flights

Caribbean Charter Flights is your premium choice when taking a direct jet flight from the USA to the Caribbean.

When flying to smaller Caribbean islands such as Anguilla, it is important to note that big commercial aircraft cannot land on these islands’ small airstrips.

Most travelers choose to fly a connecting flight from one of the bigger Caribbean hubs – however these are time and energy consuming, as they add a second flight to your trip.

Our private jet flights come in as the solution that will save you valuable vacation time by removing the hassle that comes with having to catch a connecting flight.

Flying in one of our modern jet aircraft will further add to the experience, allowing you to enjoy a highly comfortable and highly customizable flight that will land directly at your exotic island.
VIP Services

VIP Concierge Team

Caribbean Charter Flights offers the following VIP airport transfer services at selected hubs:

  • Personalized Meet & Greet
  • Seamless transfer services between flights
  • Escort through airport terminal with dedicated VIP Service agent
  • Expeditious Immigration & Customs formalities
  • Baggage reclaim & transfer to your next flight
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