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Family Caribbean Getaway: 3 Perfect Locations

Winter is a popular time for family vacations,Caribbean Getaway and winter is also the best time for a trip to the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway someplace unique that is quiet enough for the adults while also offering fun for the entire family, then read on. Our exciting destinations each offer something for every member of the family.

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Here’s The Caribbean Island Where You Need To Fly Next

You’ve decided. The Caribbean Islands are amazing and you definitely want to come visit. But where should you go? Which of these ever-beautiful destinations should you fly to first?

Charter Flights to ST Lucia

Virgin Gorda

Part of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a small island that hasn’t been identified as a tourist destination until the early 1960s. As a result, the island is not as crowded as other nearby destinations such as St. Thomas – making it the perfect destination for a relaxed holiday.

Island Activities

There are enough activities available on the island to keep boredom away from even the most pretentious tourists. Snorkeling and scuba-diving will keep you busy in the wet, while the wide variety of places to visit will keep you busy on dry land.

Whether you want to sip a cocktail in the hammock on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or hit the road and go on a memorable daytrip, Virgin Gorda has the best there is to offer.

Sailboats are available on the island, and they make for the most efficient way to admire the beauty of Virgin Gorda. Car rentals, however, can also be a good alternative.

We recommend stopping in the center of the island to climb Gorda Peak. Apart from a private charter flight, this is the next best way to see Virgin Gorda from above and take some amazing pictures.

Charter Flights to ST Lucia

Where to Stay

Villas Virgin Gorda is the villa rental agency that manages and rents villas around the island, in four main areas: North Sound, Nail Bay Area, The Valley and South Sound. There is a price for every budget, so it’s definitely worth it to analyze your options and make a decision based on how much you want to spend versus how luxurious of a place you want to live in.

Whether you’re going to rent a place in Spanish Town or North Sound, it is generally a good plan to visit the area surrounding your hotel first.

You can then either take a sailboat or rent a car to visit the attractions that will be all the way towards the other end of the island. This way, one day will be just enough time to see most of what Virgin Gorda has to offer.

Charter Flights to ST Lucia

How do I get there?

The easiest and fastest way to get to the small island is to fly there directly. We operate charter flights to Virgin Gorda from San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Antigua. If your first (or only) Caribbean destination is Virgin Gorda, the best way would be to take the Piper Aztec (a 5-passenger airplane) from St. Thomas.

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