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Top 5 St. Barths Activities For The Perfect Caribbean Holiday

There is plenty to see and do during a visit to the island St. Barths paradise of St. Barths, and we are sure you will want to experience all you can during your visit. In this article, we’ll share five of the very best things to try on the island .

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St. Barts: An Exotic Caribbean Vacations Spot

Situated in the French West Indies, St. Barths (aka St. Bart’s Island and St. Barthelemy) is a quaint, picturesque island that is an annual draw for tourists and an exotic Caribbean vacations spot for celebrities.

The island is an eight square mile slab of volcanic rock that is home to a rather eclectic collection of flora and fauna. If you like night-blooming cacti and won’t be startled by the occasional iguana passing by, you are sure to find the surroundings both interesting and unique. It is also home to 14 breath-taking beaches and a wide array of activities by both land and sea.

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